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Technology Solutions

StartRun Grow Your Business in a Snap !

BizBox helps Businesses Start, Run, Grow & Transition with turnkey Digital solutions. There's solution for every business - eCommerce, Hotels, Restaurants, Real estate, Spa, Cafes, Gyms, Salons & more.

Choose the Solution that Fits Your Business

Fully integrated solution suite with on-demand marketing tools, powerful analytics, and dashboards to help streamline operations, higher customer satisfaction and improved sales performance. There’s nothing to install

ShopBox for eCommerce

Your online store is just a click away with BizBox. Sell on your website, social media, marketplaces, all from a single dashboard

Best For

Online Sellers, Fashion Brands, Artisans and Crafters, Tech Gadgets Stores, Beauty and Wellness Brands, Home and Decor Shops, Bookstores, Pet Supply Stores, Fitness Equipment Retailers, Jewelry Boutiques, Electronics Retailers, Toy Stores, Stationery Shops, Vintage and Antique Shops, Sports Apparel, Musical Instrument Stores, Automotive Parts Stores, Tech Accessories Stores

FoodBox for Restaurants

Transforms your restaurant experience with online ordering, marketing tools, loyalty programs and payment systems

Best For

Cloud Kitchens, Restaurants, Full Service, Quick Service, Fast Casual, Fine Dining, Bars, Lounges, Bakeries, Cafes, Food Trucks, Pizzeria, Dessert Shops, Juice Bars, Ice Cream Parlors, Tea Houses, Smoothie Shops, Breweries, Deli Shops, Catering Services, Farm-to-Table Establishments, Doughnut Shops, Sushi Bars, Street Food Stalls, Oyster Bars, Tapas Restaurants, Breakfast Nooks, Karaoke Bars

TimeBox for Retail Stores

From powerful online bookings to secure payments, BizBox manages your business so you can focus more on what you love

Best For

Spas, Salons, Styling Studios, Health and Wellness Centers, Tax Consultants, Fitness Studios/Gyms, Medical Clinics, Dental Clinics, Legal Consultancies, Photography Studios, Event Planners, Tutors/Coaching Centers, Fitness Trainers, Therapists/Counselors, Personal Training Services, Nutritionists/Dieticians, Veterinary Services, Financial Advisors

HomeBox for Realestate

Revolutionize real estate operations with our comprehensive toolkit, tailored for seamless buying and selling of properties

Best For

Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Home Builders, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Home Staging Services, Property Management Companies, Real Estate Investment Firms, Home Renovation Services, Home Appraisers, Condo and Apartment Complexes, Senior Living Communities, Student Housing Providers, Vacation Rental Managers, Real Estate Consultancy Services

Mortgage home loan flat lay
LoanBox for Mortgages

Elevate your mortgage business with a tailored toolkit, optimizing operations and delivering superior client experiences

Best For

Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders, Loan Officers, Credit Unions, Mortgage Bankers, Loan Processing Companies, Real Estate Agents Specializing in Mortgages, Financial Advisors Offering Mortgage Services, Home Builders Providing Mortgage Options, Technology Solutions for Mortgage Industry, Mortgage Consultants and Advisors, Real Estate App Developers

Gear teeth forming a circle with the word 'web' embedded within, representing the intricacy of custom web design solutions.
WebBox for Websites

Transition from Website to functional web application, that works for your business growth

Best For

Small Entrepreneurs, Professional Services (Lawyers, Consultants, Accountants), Doctors, Therapists, Nutritionists, Creative Agencies, Boutiques, Event Planners and Coordinators, Non-Profit Organizations, Freelancers and Solopreneurs, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, Fashion Designers and Brands, Home Services (Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors)

Trusted by 25,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Extra Addons

Powerful Add-ons as Your Business Grows

Analyzing marketing tools

Expand across markets by connecting your eCommerce systems with new marketplaces, social channels and ad networks enhancing sales & revenue

Network with pins

Manage the presentation of crucial details like store hours, services or menu on Google, Facebook, & Foursquare seamlessly through a unified dashboard, upping your local rankings

Top view of gift card, lily and candles on white background

Create newer revenue streams by selling digital and physical gift cards through your website. Enhance your reputation and broaden your customer base

Gift Card Voucher Coupon Graphic Concept

Reward your loyal customers with an automated program, enticing them to return through incentives. Unlock special offers to earn and shop with points.

Man With Digital Tablet Reading E-Mail Message Online Sitting Outdoor

Roll out promotions, sale events and offers from a single dashboard to create repeat customers and make sure your brand stays top-of-mind for your customers

Appointment Calendar Events Concept

Transform your booking process with a flexible online system. Clients can effortlessly schedule appointments/classes at their convenience, from any location

More Sales, Streamlined operations & Happier Customers: Driven by BizBox

Fully integrated solution suite with on-demand marketing tools, powerful analytics, and dashboards to help streamline operations, higher customer satisfaction and improved sales performance

Business Scale

There's a solution for Every Stage of Business Growth.

Empowering Your Business Evolution, Tailored to Your Size, Scale and Ambitions

Multiracial business team having a meeting in the office - Website building services

BizBox serves as a perfect ally for startups, providing cost-effective SaaS solutions tailored for rapid development, helping navigate initial challenges without heavy financial burdens

High-angle view of group of young business people discussing new project on small business meeting - Website building services
Small & Micro Businesses

Scalable and affordable SaaS solutions perfectly suited for small and micro businesses, enabling them to streamline operations, manage costs effectively, and grow sustainably

business-partners-at-brainstorming-meeting-in-office - Website building services
Medium Enterprises

SaaS solutions ideal for medium enterprises, facilitating efficient management of expanding operations, enhancing productivity, & ensuring seamless integration across departments

working-as-a-team - Website building services
Multi-Branch Enterprises

Our versatile SaaS solutions excel for multi-branch enterprises, offering centralized management, scalability, and seamless coordination for optimized efficiency and performance

Industry Based Solutions

There’s a plan for you, no matter your size or budget

BizBox platform propels your business forward with personalized plans accommodating businesses of all sizes and budgets

Online Shopping Stores

Elevate your online store to new heights with BizBox, powering seamless operations, dynamic marketing, and swift transactions for unparalleled growth

Professional Services

Services Simplified: BizBox manages it all for you, from efficient appointment scheduling to integrated marketing and secure payment processing—unleash your business potential.

Food & Beverage

Serve up success in the digital world with BizBox for F&B—where online orders, in-store appointments, and targeted promotions converge for a thriving dining experience.

Health & Wellness (Salons, Yoga)

Zen and Thrive: BizBox fuels wellness businesses with serene appointment scheduling, integrated marketing, and secure payments, ensuring holistic growth.

Real Estate

Unlock the potential of seamless property management with BizBox—where streamlined operations, effective marketing, and secure transactions redefine real estate success.

Cloud Kitchens

Transform your cloud kitchen into a digital powerhouse with BizBox—online ordering, dynamic menu management, and targeted marketing redefine culinary success in the virtual realm.

Multi-Branch Enterprises

One Brand, Many Branches: BizBox unifies your business, providing centralized control, consistent branding, and comprehensive management for synchronized growth.


BizBox - Unbox Success for Your Startup Journey! Launch with confidence using ready-to-use SaaS solutions, essential tool integration, and a strong digital foundation for growth.

Financial Services

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From Our customers

BizBox is a Platform for Growth

Why BizBox ?

The better way to run your business

Suitable for every business from Start-ups to Enterprises. The solution that evolves with you at every stage

Cost Effective

All inclusive transparent Pricing: Cloud model eliminates on-premise IT costs. Automatic updates keep software current

Fast Delivery

Rapid implementation gets you up and running quickly in most cases less than a week


Integrated cloud based business solutions that grows with you at every stage

Data-Driven Insights

Real-time visibility into your operations, with live dashboards and analytics.

Grow New Products, Markets, Channels

Flexible modules to grow new products, explore diverse markets, & add new channels for greater business success

Dashboard - Website building services
Its easy to start

Take the First Step and Transform Your Business with BizBox

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